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Splish Splash

Updated: Feb 17, 2020

Bath time is a great way for children to calm down and relax before bed but also a brilliant way to learn through play. When you think about it, it's one big science experiment. 'What happens if I tip water out of this boat? Why does my duck float?' Plus, I find that because my kids are sat in one place and not running around, it's my favourite time to talk to them about their day and answer all those questions like, 'How long would it take us to fly to the moon?' and 'Can Grandad build us a spaceship to take us there?' and 'Is it really made of cheese?' and 'How many stars are in the sky?' and 'Can we count them all on the way?'..... and you know, all those important things.

I love these beautiful and eco-friendly bath toys which my little ones have particularly loved playing with.

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