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We are a business run by real people. This is why it is important to us to make a commitment to offer personalised service and an unrelenting focus on our customers’ individual needs.

We hope you enjoy looking through our website, and you are inspired to grab a Matly mat and embark on new adventures with friends and loved ones. But if you want to know anything that you can’t find on our website, or have any questions or feedback, we are here to listen. Please do get in touch here.


In the meantime, here are just a few of the reasons we are proud of the Matly brand:

- We use vegan leather, rather than animal-derived materials
- We care about our planet and are proud of our high quality products which are made to last and can be reused time and time again in many different ways

- Matly mats are made using an eco-friendly method of production where by all emissions are scrubbed before being released and 99% of all impurities are sanitised.

- Our packaging is reusable. Every Matly mat comes in it's own cotton drawstring bag which can be used to store your mat - or for anything else you choose!

- We use biodegradable mailing bags wherever possible

- We are committed to continually looking for ways to improve when it comes to helping to look after the environment

Our vision is to help friends, families and individuals everywhere to make space in their lives for what matters. To inspire them to enjoy both the everyday adventures and new experiences that little bit more. 

We see it as our mission to make all of those moments memorable by adding a touch of creativity, fun and loveliness: from lively get togethers, a moment of downtime or bustling play.

We create beautiful, high quality and fun mats for use every day and everywhere. We believe luxury can be found in simple things.

At Matly we strive to create ranges which are both timeless and current, with an unrelenting focus on our customers.


We expect your Matly mat to accompany you on many adventures - durability and usability are key.

We believe in our ability to delight everybody with wonderful things, time and again. We’re proud to accompany your everyday.

Our values are really important to how we operate, and hopefully tell you a bit more about our brand…

1. We have, and always will have, high standards. 

  • Our ranges will always be stylish and made to a high quality – we want you to use your Matly mat again and again - quality over quantity!

2. We believe in sustainability. 

  • We do not subscribe to the idea of a ‘throwaway culture’! We are mindful of how our products are made, even down to our high quality packaging which we hope you will keep.

3. We think luxury can be accessible every day.

  • We want customers to feel proud to gift, use and love the Matly brand. We value a little bit of luxury in everyday occasions and strive to ensure customers feel a little bit of joy whenever they use a Matly mat.

4. We care about our customers.

  • We value our customers’ loyalty and opinion. We listen to feedback and pride ourselves on delivering outstanding, 
    personal service.

5. We try our best. 

  • We are willing to give things a go. We work with integrity and try to do the right thing. Sometimes this means we get it wrong, but we are humble enough to admit it and brave enough to move on.

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