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Matly brings you luxury vegan leather mats. Stylish, durable and versatile ~ you can use our mats in a hundred ways...probably more.


We currently have two sizes: 'The Original' 135cm x 135cm and ' 'The Mini' 52cm x 38cm.

Our range delivers on all the things that we believe matter.

DURABILITY. We hate the idea of throwaway products; once we find something we love – we want to hold onto it. Our products are made to last, thanks to the high-quality materials used to make them.

StyLISH. We care about style as much as we do quality. We have carefully curated a beautiful range of tasteful colours and prints which will fit seamlessly into any home.

Eco-friendlY. We work hard to maintain high ethical standards through production, packaging and product development. We are committed to continuing to look for ways to improve on this even further as our company grows.

PRACTICAL. As busy Mums we know how important it is for a mat to be practical. We know that children (and adults) make mess. We don't want to waste time waxing and polishing – so it was important to us to develop a range of mats that can be wiped clean with a cloth – or thrown in a washing machine, ready for the next use.


Versatile. Our mats are super versatile – and that's the point. They make fantastic playmats, high chair mats, baby changing mats, picnic blankets, exercise mats – and this is just the start. Part of the fun is finding new ways to use your mat – everyday and everywhere. 

Our focus on durability and long-lasting products comes from our insistence on making space for what matters, for the important things in life. In a world full of ‘stuff’, Matly’s ethos is to focus on experiences – be inspired to take your mat wherever you go, gather your loved ones and spend some precious time with the people who matter, wherever you are. It's in these moments, creating memories, finding joy in the simple things, that we are the happiest - living our best #matlylife

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